Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Home, I feel should not be an inconstant. It does change however. It changes in a tangible manner and in an intangible manner. The feeling home gives is something that happens over time, yet it is not natural. Feeling "at home" comes with a decision to feel at home. All sorts of things contribute to the ease or difficulty of this change.

Luckily during my current process of trying to be "at home" where I am, I have had so many people that have made me feel at home. Tom, Grace, Nate, Maleea, Mikey, Wes, The Sparrow, McMenamin's, etc.

There are just a few things missing. A very deep hole is still left in my "home". Rachael will fill the majority of this hole, making it possible to live with the rest of it.

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