Saturday, December 5, 2009


This is it ladies and gentlemen. Chili's Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger. I know what any burger connoisseur would say, "Chili's? Good Food? Yeah Right!". However I assure you this burger is worth all of the praise that I am about to give it.

Last night Rachael and I had planned a date. We were going to go to Venice Beach and do the usual thing: walk around do pretty much nothing until we got hungry, then spend way too much money on a mediocre chic hole in the wall.

We ended up going to Chili's of all places. We were tired and hungry and wanted to eat American. When we got there, there was a line of waiting young couples and families that went all the way to San Dimas. Luckily I knew the hostess and she reduced the wait time to about 30 minutes.

The waiter Jeff was awesome. He was a real pro. I'm pretty sure he only had one other table so his focus was mainly on us. He got us our drinks in no time: Rachael's Strawberry Lemonade and my Samuel Adams Winter Seasonal. Rachael ordered the Chicken Crispers and I settled for the bacon burger. I felt rushed.

When I got this thing I almost sent it back. The Bacon was SO thick you could barely see the hamburger patty. Any one that knows me knows that I am in fact a bacon connoisseur. The patty was 100% Beef Chuck which should only be cooked medium-rare. The burger came with the crispiest little fried onions on top. The barbeque sauce was the grand finale to this burger. It is called Shiner Bock Barbeque Sauce and is imported from the great American state of Texas.

I could write a book about this burger, but I won't. I suggest everyone go to Chili's and try this magnificent burger. Then maybe you'll write a book about it and I'll have the pleasure of reading it.

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