Saturday, November 7, 2009


Today turned my world view around. It was the best day I remember having in a really long time, and for a lot of reasons. My mind and body both feel completely rested. I don't feel that I have a thing in the world to worry about.

Last night, friday, Rachael and I went to dinner in downtown Claremont called Aruffo's. It is a cute little Italian restaurant that does Italian right. Here is the link to the restaurants reviews on

The dinner and wine was amazing and I don't think we have been as close as we are now; it feels as though the two of us just started dating.

Rachael spent the night and when we woke up in the morning I made a pot of coffee. While the coffee was still brewing me and Rachael went to YumYum's Doughnuts to get breakfast for the "mates". When we got back we woke up Tim and Ashley and cuddled up in their bed and talked.

Tim and I have become a lot closer lately. I don't know what happened to us... but it was really refreshing. This is when the day kicked off. 

Wes woke up and it was on like a WILDFIRE!!! The three of us guys cleaned most of the house. We turned on some good music and did some deep cleaning. There is something about cleaning that brings people together. I think it is because it feels like a new start. Over the past couple months a lot of dirt got built up in my life. It was today that I decided to put it behind me.

My parents came out around 6:30 p.m. and took me and Rachael to Bishimon Sushi Restaurant. We had an awesome conversation about marriage and what it means to have a healthy relationship. They are so wise. I am so glad they approve of Rachael. 

My mom once said to Rachael, "If I looked up Noah's perfect woman in the Dictionary, your face would show up." 

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