Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am taking a step away from myself and Rachael for a second. I'm telling you... I am trying to be so happy about what Rachael and I are going through, and I am. It breaks my heart however, when I read about situations like the one in the link above. Maine, a state that has seemingly always embraced the gay and lesbian communities, just voted to appeal their gay marriage law by a large margin.

I thought that the national perception of the gay marriage issue was progressing and becoming more inclusive. I don't understand why we are still fighting over this issue because to me it seams so black and white.

GAY PEOPLE WANT TO GET MARRIED. They want to enter into life-long relationships monogamous, yet we wont let it happen.


What about this issue is grey area?

Do people really think that the gay community is like the Church, setting out to evangelize and convert?

It saddens me and my heart goes out to the gay community. I want to say that "I support you, I love you, and keep your heads up and positive. Things will not this way forever. Things will slowly change. Continue being who you are, and people will eventually see clearly".


  1. Noah, I couldn't agree with you more! ... I feel like as christians we try too hard to force our rules on people who dont believe what we believe. I really believe that the church should embrace and love the gay community instead of outcast them. I think there are bigger fights we need to fight... Like perhaps fixing the ever increasing divorce rate!

  2. Well said Jeremy. I love you and miss you. I'll see you december 28th?