Thursday, November 5, 2009

arc 4,5, & 6.

I have been rock climbing a lot lately. Last thursday I went with my friend Bailey because Keith was in class until 10 p.m. He is so good. I just like watching, especially his footwork and technique. I have twice the upper body strength that he does, but when your technique is like his, strength doesn't matter. He taught me quite a bit. When I first started climbing I could use my strength to solve the easy routes. Now that I am getting a little better, technique has to be learned. Last night Keith and I went out to the ARC and had a pretty rough session. We are both climbing at our limits and became frustrated fast.

We saw lines that, at a glance, we should be able to do. For whatever reason we were spent and were unable to solve many problems.

My hands are becoming like sand paper from all of the calluses. This is an exciting time however, because I can see improvement. I just need to break through my limit.

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