Thursday, October 22, 2009

leo carrillo ranch.

Well... we have decided not to go with The Condor's Nest Ranch. The deposit was a ridiculous amount that we just refused to make. Rachael then went yesterday to a place in Palomar Mt. that she didn't seem to fond of.

For us, it is really important that the reception is as fun as possible. The place in Palomar Mt. required NO amplified music and an end time for the reception must be 9 o'clock P.M. Yeah... not going to work for us. We plan on really celebrating right.

Rachael was completely wrecked last night. She is so frustrated and very sad that things aren't simply falling into place. She has such high expectations for this special day and I know things are going to go above and beyond those expectations.

Right before we decided to stop talking about venues for the night, and sleep on our thoughts, we found a beautiful place in Carlsbad, CA. that meets all of our personal requirements.

1) It is in San Diego (a non-negotiable for my future mother-in-law)
2) Cheapest we've found
3) Beautiful
4) Party, Dance, Live Music

The place is called Leo Carrillo Ranch. Rachael is going to look at it on Saturday.

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