Thursday, October 15, 2009

condor's nest ranch.

Yesterday, Rachael and I went to The Condor's Nest Ranch, which is a wedding venue in Pala, California. The web-site just didn't do it justice. The house is absolutely beautiful, designed in a very country-western theme. Bob, the man that owns the house and ranch is a retired motorcycle racer who continues to make a ridiculous amount of money by renting out The Condor's Nest Ranch.

So I believe this is were we are going to have our wedding and wedding reception (if you would like to check it out go to

I saw Rachael's face light up like I have never before. There was something magical that sparked inside of her. I'm sure it was some of that "girly" fantasy wedding thing, but she was also piercing me with her big green/yellow eyes. She was looking at me, and telling me through her glares, that she was 150% sure that I was her "ONE".

All that to say, be prepared for an outrageously fun time.

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