Monday, October 19, 2009

balloon boy.

A silver balloon sat in my backyard day and night for four years. I used to have dreams of floating through clouds, dodging stars. I would make friends with the people of the sky and snack on the moon.

There are people I see on T.V. who cry. The homes I see are built on sand and my daddy says we are bringing them freedom. I’ve heard they hate me.

I’m not sure what freedom is and I’m not sure why they hate me.

The balloon could take me to the land of the sand and I would say I’m sorry.

In my dreams I would bring a few of them back so that we could play and talk and listen and learn.

Tomorrow I will set sail on that silver balloon. As I float past the people of the sky I will say, “I cannot stay to snack on the moon. I need to make friends in the land of the sand.”

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